Bird can be Spies too

So this is not exactly a part 2, but a follow-up to my previous post, A Sudden Visitor. The bluebird is never at his nest. Makes you wonder what kind of a parent he is, huh? He should be a spy instead. He seems to be an expert at not only concealing his presence but vanishing into thin air.

Anyhow, I was able to take a picture yesterday. Sorry for the abysmal quality, but he’s there or at least a faint outline is.

Thanks for reading,
Patrick Rain

Image Β© Patrick Rain

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6 Responses to Bird can be Spies too

  1. Cool, at least the nest hasnt been abandoned. I had some duck lay eggs at the top of a four story building and they never hatched, just as well as it was on a ledge.

  2. intrudesite says:

    Hard working single parent it seems….besides , eggs have not hatched! Is it mother ?

  3. Birds are probably the best kind of spys lol πŸ˜‰

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