Unreal Castle Site Redesign

As you can all see the site design has changed. So yes, this will be a post where we touch base, and these are usually boring so I’d like to start with a question.

What are some things every castle needs? Think of this however you want, these can be things for a real castle or the website, the Unreal Castle. Unintended word play here. I’d like to see what people come up with so be creative.

In my previous post I mention there was some maintenance going on. It escalated into a complete site redesign and a few new features. The esthetic changed, but everything is still in the same spot it was, so let’s run over some of the new things. First, I hope you all find the site easy read as that was something I considered very important. I took some time to work on the mobile site, and it’s set now, but do let me know if you have any comments. Second, there is a revamped commenting system that looks cleaner and more modern. Lastly,  there is also a subscription option where you can receive all the creative flare in your mailbox, and become a real knight of the Unreal Castle. I might be adding something in the days to come, but those are the major additions.

Welcome to the new Unreal Castle and best of luck,
Patrick Rain

Sheding Light on the Unreal


So what exactly is Unreal Works? One good guess might be that it’s a fantasy-themed blog. Another excellent guess is that it’s anything and everything that’s supernatural or fantastical. However, at its core it’ll be a place for me to store various fictitious works such as short stories etc. I’ll try to tackled multiple genres while I’m at it but at the same time most of the works will be based on the unreal. Some stories might be closer to reality while others might sway in the direction of completely out of this world. I’ll keep the intro short. So as the final words I’d like to say that I hope to hear comments and feedback from any readers.

Thanks and until next time.