The Waterfall Whisper – Poem

The waterfall whisper like a glimmer of a revelation,
The light so shallow, fleeting but true,
It’s a view into the past, present – the future too,
A dark hollow of answers, where everything resides,

The mind made passive and still.
The eyes closed, body motionless, and the heart silenced,
Breathing slow and disconnected from the world,

The waterfall whisper like a glimmer of false hope,
An escape from everything – separate and cold,
Could it be a veneer of calmness, something amiss?
Things undone are waiting,

Thank you for reading. This piece is quite too-sided, so I’d like to hear your opinions. Is the waterfall a symbol of a positive state? Marvelous maybe? Or something completely different? Leave a comment below.

Patrick Rain

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2 Responses to The Waterfall Whisper – Poem

  1. Marie Goddard says:

    Poetry is very subjective. I think waterfalls can symbolize many things. The stream is constant, ever churning, representing the steady flow of time moving forward. But because of this constance, this unchanging state, it can promote a feeling of tranquility, peace, a halt in time. Another is reflection. What you look for, or expect to see, will be present in the water. And lastly, purification. The washing away of troubles, sins, doubts, hate, anger, weakness, giving the soul new purpose or shedding the darkness of the past for a brighter future.
    Your poem evoked many of these for me. An emotional poem, one of reflection and fragility of the moment, trying to find peace in a crowded or hectic life. Did I sense Desperation in the subject? Or an Awakening? Perhaps the sense of isolation, or repression, with the want to escape into the cold dark water?

    • Patrick Rain says:

      I think all of the things you listed are on point. My question was really all about the first impression, the very first thing that comes to mind as there is no one true answer of course. It all depends on the individual, but perhaps the experience depicted in the poem can also be all of the things you listed at once. Maybe there is some middle ground. Cheers!

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