Leading the Sky | Poem

It was one of those days,
Where the sky is soundlessly lead,
It looms over you – smiling overhead,

A gaze of heavens with a tinge of fortune,
That’s the recipe for luck,
Swinging wide by good chance struck,

It was one of those days,
Where you don’t chase the sky,
For it follows in your footsteps,

Thanks for reading,
Patrick Rain

Lost Inside | Poem

The music was load,
A cacophonous cloud,
of hypnotizing clamor,

The people shuffled around,
Dancing, smiling by the spell bound,
Eyes closed – voiceless

Words were dead, lips shut –
He struggled to find a way out,
The sense of direction broken,

The crowd surrounded him – pushed to the wall,
In his mind he fell through the hole,
Walking, struggling – running

Out of the crowd of people,
The music redoubled, lights flashed,
Burned by the beat,

Thanks for reading.
Patrick Rain

The Spider in the Hand

The rain is falling,
But the sky is clear,
Her eyes are white,
But she sees you,

She smiled to you,
Her teeth pure white,
Her pale face,
Your heart begins to pace,

The fly is buzzing,
The spider danced in her hand,
Her dress of simple rags,
Her grin – your very end portends,

The shadow grows on the ground,
A pair of horns,
It dances around,
Your fate is set in stone,

To never see her, never more,
You run for home,
She’s already at the door,
She keeps on staring at you,

Thanks for reading,
Patrick Rain