Noble Death – Novel

It’s done. I have published my first novel, a supernatural mystery Noble Death. It’s available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon. If you’d like to read more about it, below are the links.

Amazon: here here

I must say that it was quite the journey. At every turn, there was something new to tackle, some new decision to make, or something new to learn. And it was a great learning experience! There is a lot of things that go into publishing a book – some are easier to deal with than others (I’m looking at you widows and orphans). It’s a huge package. From the cover, down to the actually interior design, and all the bureaucratic formalities, there is quite a lot of things to do. The good news is that once you go through the learning process you grow accustomed to all the problems and challenges, and the second time around it’s not as challenging, or so I hope. I can confirm that when I publish my second book in the future, but the thought is what kept me going many times.

Good luck to any and all writers out there with their publishing endeavors!
Poem incoming.

Patrick Rain

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11 Responses to Noble Death – Novel

  1. Congrats, Patrick. I wish you the best of luck on your book 🙂

  2. Hi Patrick, good luck with the novel. You’re right about all the challenges along the way, it’s a rollercoaster ride! Good luck with the novel.

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  4. mykelen says:

    Congrats on surviving this process! I’ve been getting into self-publishing and one thing I didn’t realize would be such a difficult hurdle is the cover design. Creating something people will like and doesn’t look horrible or overdone feels like more than half the battle sometimes. Great job!

    • Patrick Rain says:

      Thanks, mykelen. You’re right that the cover design is a very important part of publishing. Coming up with a design takes time, and only you(the author) will truly know if it fits your work.
      Good luck on your adventure in the land of self-publishing!

  5. MythRider says:

    Congratulations. I know what you mean by the huge learning curve. So much to know and do. Love the cover. Here’s to huge book sales.

  6. Congratulations.
    You summarised the process well, I think non writers assume we bash out tens of thousands of words, give it a little edit, then get a book deal lol.

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