The King’s Fall

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Adventure


The Celestial King is the heart of the kingdom.
He ensures peace and prosperity.
His time of death has come.

As the Celestial King is slowly dying, the Kingdom of Narilan is withering away. In these harsh times, people pray for a just and compassionate ruler. Yet rumors speak of a powerful and merciless warrior who is already on the way. This is his tale.

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One Response to The King’s Fall

  1. Davianna says:

    Review:For being a brick I read it pretty quickly and I absolutely loved the world of Narilan! As for the writing it didn’t really match the story but I’m more of a plot driven reader so this didn’t bother me too much.

    All in all this was a really entertaining read and exactly what I needed right now. It was well paced and enjoyable and I was satisfied with the ending although it was bittersweet.

    full review at:

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