A Song of Lies – Poem

The wind is singing out about,
A song of glory – or maybe not!

The heroes of the tales,
A lie can swiftly replace,

The villain can be reborn,
With a heroic shield adorned,

His vulpine smile can be bent,
His wicked deeds lies will mend,

The noble actions we so seek,
May in truth awfully reek,

Of lies, deceit and greedy hands,
Singing of the heroes end,

The wind is singing out about,
A song of glory – or maybe not!

Thanks for reading.
Patrick Rain

King’s Law | Poem

The gaze of a king,
A rotten ruler by a crown adorned,
Without any regard for life,
Cruelty is the weapon,

Sitting on the throne,
With a wave of a hand,
Condemns souls,
To eternal death,

His word is the law,
In this kingdom behold,
For there is no escape,
From the king’s hold,

Thanks for reading,
Patrick Rain

Master of Peace | Short Story

The lad marched with a steady pace, hemmed in between the escort. The four guards encircled him from every direction, leading him down the hall. They had almost no facial expressions, besides the occasional evil glare. The only human characteristic they retained were the heartbeat and a need for air. The lights were dim, and there were no windows which made the corridor feel humid and hot. The wooden floor creaked every few steps, but the door at the end lingered in the distance like it had no intention of moving closer. Continue reading

A Sudden Visitor

So today I woke up to find a visitor at my door. Right next to the doorsteps of my home there is a light. Apparently, a bird liked the spot for his nest. Must be warmth from the light that’s so appealing, huh? Anyhow, I have yet to stumble upon the critter, but I did get a chance to take a picture of the eggs.
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Sheding Light on the Unreal


So what exactly is Unreal Works? One good guess might be that it’s a fantasy-themed blog. Another excellent guess is that it’s anything and everything that’s supernatural or fantastical. However, at its core it’ll be a place for me to store various fictitious works such as short stories etc. I’ll try to tackled multiple genres while I’m at it but at the same time most of the works will be based on the unreal. Some stories might be closer to reality while others might sway in the direction of completely out of this world. I’ll keep the intro short. So as the final words I’d like to say that I hope to hear comments and feedback from any readers.

Thanks and until next time.