Devoured by the Living Room Pt. 3 | Short Story

An hour or two later, a stream of water flushed down the gent’s head, waking him up. Victor was standing over him with a water bottle.

Victor’s shoe was gone and in its place was a thick bandage. He swallowed painkillers dry. “What did you do with the money?”

“Lots of things.” The gentleman’s voice was feeble. His head jammed pack with all the mishaps of his life.

“Be precise!”

“Take the remote. Turn on the TVs.”

As the screens came on in black and white, it was obvious that the whole place had cameras. Victor disabled some of them when he was breaking in, but instantly, he recognized an angle that most likely immortalized him on video.

“Starting from the top left and going right in rows.”

Victor couldn’t believe the scope of this place. There was a huge underground garage that housed an impressive collection of automobiles that anybody would be envious of. His favorite was the McLaren F1, a car that he desired all his life. The indoor pool and hot tub was here somewhere too. A few tennis courts came in both indoor and outdoor styles.

“How much did you spend?” Victor asked.

“Quite a hefty sum.”

“Where is the rest of money now?”

“There is nothing left.” He coughed.

“Don’t lie to me!” Victor grabbed the gun.

“I invested it.”

“In what?”

The cell rang again. Victor answered, and it turned off. He gave the gent a final glance and left for his car. Back inside with the charger, he plugged his phone into the outlet. His muscles tensed up. His jaw tightened, nearly biting off his tongue. Blood splattered from his mouth. His movement was restricted. He felt the energy running through him intensifying. Victor felt his heart ready to explode. The grueling pain echoed through his body. He murmured something, but the words made no sense. That’s when he collapsed.

The gent stood up. He brushed his hair back. He came to the sink and washed his face with lukewarm water. He jumped back, waving his hands. “Hot.” He said. He grasped a bottle of water and poured it over his hands. He reached for the towel. After refreshing, he waltzed to Victor.

“I invested it in my very own peace of mind. During the last years, I traveled the world. I yearned for the perfect place. No one ever wanted this house. I don’t really blame them, but I’m quite good at adapting to new surroundings.”

He looked at Victor’s lifeless corpse.He was still breathing.

“Welcome to the living room.” He smiled. “You’ll now be devoured”

The floor opened up life a mouth, swallowing Victor. Within the depths of the cellar was a lone light bulb. He vanished in the darkness. The floor closed and returned to its original state. The gent paid no attention to it anymore. He took a seat in front of his TV and grabbed the remote.



Thanks for reading. This is the last part. Feel free to comment or make suggestions.
Patrick Rain

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